Here is the starting point, where all stories begin. Localization, installation, links, answers to the FAQs...

Then, when you finally ran this wonderful software, don't be afraid of its repulsive aspect. Just immerge yourself in this ascetic universe.

  • Need a help on a precise subject? Don't know how to use GLM (Generalized Linear Models)? Type:"Generalized Linear Models")
    and you will find the light:
  • You vaguely remember a function to predict from a GLM... but can't remind it ? Type:
    to find all functions that includ "pred" in its name (and you'll find predict.glm)
  • Still not enough? You can find your answer on the incredible archives of the R-list ! Type:
    RSiteSearch("Generalized Linear Models")
    which can be directly accessible on line here ! A lot of great answers from great people !
  • The first stop should be An introduction to R, my Bible.
  • Another nice tutorial is R for Beginners (and for the rest of the world, R pour les débutants).
  • People are also working for you at the R-wiki and Rtips!
  • Memory troubles? Need a reference card? A small one, and a bigger one!
  • Still not convinced? Take a look at the amazing graphic abilities of R here!

No, I don't have anything to sell.
Have a nice day.

Additional links :

  • Statistics with R : from PCA to GLM, times series, mixed models, etc.
  • The package ADE4 : multivariate analyses in ecology, but also a lot of teaching with R (in French)
  • The package adehabitat : analysis of habitat selection by animals.